Tut tut

Just had an email from WordPress telling me that due a bug thingy, my password was stored in a less secure than normal place, and could potentially be found out by those evil hacker bastards, so have to change it.

I entered the same password as before lol.

I know some people would shake their heads, but let’s face it, I’ve really failed at blogging over the last year and a half or so, so hey, if a hacker got my password, maybe they’d post a bit more often! Ha.



Hello. Two things really.

One this is my first post from my newly bought iPad!! Woop woop. I’m so cool.

Secondly, I’m currently on a train to Swansea to my good friend Kirsty. Not that a blog often (Read: ever) but don’t expect one in the next few days. I might (read: probably won’t) post one when I get home on Sunday. Telling you of my adventures. But don’t bet on it.

Bye for now!


What would you do if you found something somewhere that you shouldn’t be looking.

Like an ultrasound photo from November 1997, in your mum’s bedside drawer?

I feel guilty.

I’m starting to favour Home & Away over Neighbours.

Neighbours has ALWAYS been my favourite soap. But lately. It’s just doing nothing for me.

If there’s one thing I learnt from my university course, it’s that you can’t make you characters do things, because you say so. They need motive and reason etc.

I remember, during my final major project, that when we were writing our script, we would add twists, dialogue and actions, because they made for an exciting story. But when we were in meetings with our tutors, they could quite easily pick up on the “strange” additions, without seeing why we put them there.

And I’m starting to see this in Neighbours.

Convenient phone calls we don’t get to see, to end scenes, because they can’t end them naturally. Character’s doing things they wouldn’t necessarily do, because their wouldn’t be a story without it.

It’s a shame.

Their actors aren’t the same any more, either. Or maybe I just didn’t pay much attention a few years ago.

And what happened to every other scene being some kind of all-male topless swimming pool scene?

Home and Away have their beach, where one or more of the cast are always only wearing the bare essentials with sea water dripping from their washboard abs…

Romeo, The Braxton brothers and Angelo are no match for Toadie, Karl and Lucas (Although, they do have Mark.. For now)

Anyway where was I?

What a mess

So I completely embarrassed myself last night.

It was a girl’s from work 18th party, she hired a hall in central Eastleigh.

As per usual, a select few met at a friends house for pre-party drinking and games. We played ring of fire.

I consumed 2 cans of Strongbow, and three strong “Swanny’s CockJuice’s”… AKA Vodka, Malibu, Exotic fruit juice and lemonade, all within less than 2 hours.

I was definitely suitably non-sober that I could have bought maybe one or two drinks later that night to keep my drunkeness level up, and had a really good time.

But no. I chose to spend £32 over the next 4 hours on more Malibu and lemonade, and a handful of BLACK Sambuca shots.

This lead me to believe it would be a good idea to reveal that I was experiencing heterosexual feelings for another party-goer, to the said party-goer.

I always felt she had a slight soft spot for me. But it seems I couldn’t have been more wrong. Especially as she was now courting (?) with another male.

This lead me to have a few low moments, where I turned to facebook and other friends to express my emotions. Then ultimately managed to get over it, and spend the rest of the night purposely going out of my way to publicly “ignore” the lady in question.

We parted company when they went from one Plub* to another. But later re-met on a bench, before going home. The not-knowing-each-other charade continued throughout, and into today.

I think she was genuinely taken back by this, and when I joked that as we did not know each other, she should delete me from Facebook, she did.

I’m now sticking to my principals (Some call it stubbornness), albeit not real, and won’t make any attempt to reconnect with her.

I had a text conversation with someone earlier who expressed their shock at my decision last night and later went on to suggest that the person seemed unfazed by the revelations. Added to the fact that I would have had little interaction with her for at least a week or two, that it would all blow over and be forgotten.

*Plub = Pub-cum-Club

[Update: She has now re-added me. I let her stew for half hour or so, then accepted. We have also both agreed to forget it ever happened. Which is fine by me.]

Smile! ..Or not

Do you like your teeth?

What do they look like?

Are they white or yellow? Are they in line or wonky? Do they stick out?

I hate my teeth. And mouth area in general.

Seriously considering some kind of cosmetic dentistry.

Only God knows!

Have you ever been in a situation when something has happened, and you questioned it, but didn’t voice that question. Then realised that you will never ever find out the answer ever?

Ok, it will sound weird, but the first thing that springs to mind is this one time at work, a man was buying eggs. As part of being an amazing customer assistant, we are told to open the box and check that the eggs are all present and correct. But this one time, the man quite almost violently told me he had already checked them.

Being a bit taken back, I just scanned the eggs and continued with the rest of the shopping.

It wasn’t until after he’d left, that I questioned why he reacted like that. I can only assume it was one of two things. Either he was in a bad mood, and accidentally took it out on me slightly. Or B, he had concealed something within the box which he did not want to pay for.

It happened quite a long time ago now. I may have served this man again and again since, who knows, maybe I haven’t, I don’t know. But I will never ever know why he told me not to open the box.

And that’s the type of situation I’m talking about.

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